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'Bagels Over Berlin'

An award winning documentary celebrating Jewish veterans of the Army Air Corps in WWII

Photo Albums

The way they were.... The way they were.... Sidney Katz 201729268 Irwin Stovroff 201729271 Arthur Jenkins 201736334 Murray Moore 201729296 Morton Israel 201729293 Jerry Gersten 201729295 Stan Bluestein 201729539 Stanley Gray 201729540 Donald Katz 201729541 David Weisberg 201733504 Edmund Elkins 201729269 Sam Katz 201932305 Marty Mertz 201943587 202163989 202163992 Rick Margulies 202163994 Mickey Gotlin 24 Hour KP duty on Christmas 202163996 Mort Israel in Sperry Ball 202163997 Norman Lear 203804670 Sid Katz in England 204395686 Sid Katz - several years after the war 204395691 Kissing the ground - their war is over 204395688 Fire bombing - more damage than Atom bomb! 204395689 Sam Katz with Alan and Nancy-Jo Feinberg 204395690 Flight Jacket 204395687 Curtiss Wright plant in Buffalo 204395692 D-Day invasion map 204395693