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'Bagels Over Berlin'

An award winning documentary celebrating Jewish veterans of the Army Air Corps in WWII

Photo Albums

War Time Recollections War Time Recollections David Weisberg Standing on the wing of his fighter plane before flying a mission 201736252 Bomb from above falls on tail of the plane below From the collection of Art Jenkins 201740357 Irwin Stovroff as POW From the collection of Irwin Stovroff 201737857 B-24's dropping their payload 201737858 Irwin Stovroff with his mother Arriving home after POW experience. Pleased to report that the weight he lost in captivity has been regained. 201737820 Irwin Stovroff and Cash Irwin has dedicated his life to helping vets acquire highly trained service dogs 201737892 Leaflet to POW's in the camp From collection of Irwin Stovroff 201737859 Irwin Stovroff's interrogation record Notice the '(?)' next to 'Jude' - placed there by his German interrogator who was a neighbor from their childhood in Buffalo. Almost certainly convinced Irwin was a Jew, the German 'helped' by creating doubt and very likely saved Irwin's life. 201737819 Dropping food over German occupied Holland From the collection of Art Jenkins - dropping food over Holland. 201754143 Mission record from Syd Katz 201775210 Art Jenkins 'Diploma' after completing 35 missions and qualifying to GO HOME Note the 35th and final mission, and also the food drops over Holland in prior missions. 201945926 Willow Run assembly plant in Michigan The site of the plant is now being converted into a test track for computer operated, driverless cars. 202170545 Rick Margulies at home in Philadelphia 202170546 Normandy Beach today Photo taken on the 70th anniversary of D-Day by film producer Alan Feinberg 204437554