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'Bagels Over Berlin'

An award winning documentary celebrating Jewish veterans of the Army Air Corps in WWII

Photo Albums

'Bagels Over Berlin' - Opening Night 'Bagels Over Berlin' - Opening Night The veterans taking a bow Left to Right: Art Jenkins; Syd Katz; Edmund Elkins; Stan Bluestein; Irwin Stovroff; Stan Gray; David Weisberg; Mickey Gotlin; and Murray Moore. ---Missing from the photograph are Jerry Gersten, Morton Israel and Marty Mertz 201881631 Close-up of the men, and Irwin's companion Cash resting on the floor Producer Alan Feinberg introducing the men 201881632 Mickey Gotlin at the mic 201881633 Murray Moore at the mic 201881635 Irwin, Stan, David and Mickey 201882058 Irwin Stovroff and Major General John P. Van Blois, U.S. Air Force (Ret) 201882062 Art, Syd, Ed and Stan 201882059 Syd Katz at the mic 201882060 Irwin Stovroff at the mic 201882061 Co-producer Nancy-Jo Feinberg greeting Irwin Stovroff as Lois and Bob Hendricks look on 201882064