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'Bagels Over Berlin'

An award winning documentary celebrating Jewish veterans of the Army Air Corps in WWII

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Irwin Stovroff - iPhone intervew describing

the relationship with his co-pilot which began with a bigoted comment but later blossomed into a life-long friendship

Sid Katz, Ed Elkins and Mickey Gotlin

recall their experiences from WWII

Murray Moore - Introduced at the premiere of a WWII Documentary

Murray was a navigator on a B-29 bomber based on Saipan who flew missions over Japan during WWII. He was a member of the initial training class at the new, 'top secret,' Boca Raton Army Airfield in 1943 and was invited in 2018 as a special guest to the premiere of a PBS documentary about the base. The film recounts the history of the base where airmen were trained on the new radar technology that had been brought from England. Today, the land of the old Airfield is home to both Florida Atlantic University and Boca Raton Airport.

At age 101 the evening of the premiere, Murray was the last surviving veteran who trained at the base during the war. His presence at the event surprised the audience and elicited an emotional and enthusiastic outburst when this handsome and spry gentlemen stood up and waved to the crowd. The MC had prepared a full introduction but the audience response rendered additional words unnecessary.

Among his memories of service in Boca Raton, Murray recalls that unmarried officers lived at the luxurious and exclusive Boca Raton Hotel and Resort which had been converted to military use. Murray, however, was married and drove from Pompano each day where he and Gladys lived in a rented apartment.